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Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Ian. At the present time, the attorneys and team at Rubinstein & Holz are working to reopen the office. There are significant power, water and internet outages affecting our ability to reopen. At present, many courts are closed this week and hearings will be rescheduled. Our team will reach out to those who have hearings individually and discuss researching once the courts are operational. Thank you.

A divorce or another family law issue can be an emotional experience for everyone involved, especially children. The decisions that you make will affect and change your entire family.


At Rubinstein & Holz, we have dedicated our entire practice to divorce and other family law issues. Our lawyers understand that every situation is unique. We give every client the focused, personalized attention they deserve to help them navigate these difficult moments.

Comprehensive Family Law Counsel

Whether you need assistance with parental responsibility, child support or another divorce-related matter, our law firm is fully prepared to assist you. With more than 75 years of combined experience practicing family law in Florida, our attorneys will use their extensive knowledge of the law to advise you on possible solutions. We also will consult with our network of financial, mental health and investigative experts to address your family’s needs and concerns.


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