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Posts tagged "High Asset Divorce"

What has changed for divorce recently?

Divorce isn't easy, even when most of the negative emotions associated with it have already been faced. Children may need to understand what is happening. Documents must be filed with the right authorities. Much of the attention that gets paid to divorce has to do with how assets and responsibilities are divided between two newly single people.

High-asset divorces are becoming more common and more valuable

Divorce was not particularly common in most of the 20th century, and few millionaires had to manage the division of an estate at the end of a marriage. However, changes starting in the 1970s now mean that half of U.S. marriages end in divorce, and the rich are no exception.

Hiding income before divorce is never a good idea

Divorce is unpleasant for many reasons. Although some of the reasons have to do with the emotional consequences of ending a marriage, the one that many people with significant amounts of property and assets all go through is figuring out who gets what. Wealth and real estate can go from feeling like security to being a burden when it all has to be negotiated.

Money and infidelity in Florida divorces

Divorce is often confusing beyond the emotional turmoil that the event may cause. Parents will need to work out the best ways to support their children, and homeowners need to address the realities of moving on materially. But one thing that comes up in nearly every divorce is the matter of money.

Florida lawmaker failed to disclose assets

Divorce is always a complicated issue. Even when spouses can still communicate, the emotional toll of ending a marriage can set a lot of personal goals back and throw families into chaos. The effect can be worse when spouses do not get along or are trying to conceal assets from each other during the divorce process.

Florida has options for different types of divorce

It is hard to know where to start when you are considering divorce. Even if a couple had the foresight to craft a prenuptial agreement, the emotional and practical concerns can seem too hard to bear. Fortunately, Florida and other states have made moves to simplify the divorce process, even for couples with a lot of assets to divide.

Can a mediation work in a high-asset divorce?

Divorce usually calls up specific images of financial stress and emotional misery, especially if a couple has been together for a long time and built a solid life together. The process can be difficult, but it does not have to be awful if partners can agree to mediate their differences.

What tax changes matter to a high-asset divorce?

A few things are always important when you are negotiating a divorce, especially when a lot of value in assets and possessions are at stake. One of the most vital is full disclosure to attorneys and the court because mediations and other resolutions rely on complete trust.

Do not let anger influence your decisions during divorce

You're getting divorced and you blame your spouse for the breakdown of the marriage. You're angry. You decide to take it out on them in court. You are fairly wealthy, after all, so you figure you have the resources to make life miserable for your ex.