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Posts tagged "Good Fortune Child Support"

Professional athlete contests Florida good fortune child support

It is always difficult to separate from a spouse, even if adults have worked out their emotional disagreements and decided in a mature and sober way to leave. But no one has it worse after separation or divorce than the children. They must start new lives in a world made completely by their parents' decisions.

When is child support not enough?

Children are usually confused and hurt when parents have to explain their divorce to them. Besides the emotional issues at hand, the practical aspects of having two homes and a new schedule are difficult to manage. When parents can temper these problems with high levels of child support, they may be required to do so under good fortune child support statutes.

Good fortune child support is never guaranteed

Money isn't everything, but many things in life are easier for people with money. It doesn't take much money to get married, but it can cost a lot to get divorced. Some people in unhappy marriages, particularly parents, are often concerned that a divorce or separation would ruin them financially. When it comes down to it, the process can either be easier or harder for people based on their expectations.

Why would parents pay more child support than normal?

Once parents get through the difficult and complicated process of deciding child custody during a separation or divorce, the process of deciding what a non-custodial parent should pay is far simpler in Florida. There are some exceptions to the Sunshine State's child support schedule, and a few reasons they would apply to a child's parents and family.

A parent's income may be enough to order more child support

How much is too much for our children? It is certain when a kid has too much sugar, but one can never have too much love and support. Most parents would say children deserve the best that they can provide, and the law often mandates this in the case that parents get divorced.

Which divorced parents pay more for child support?

Parents always want what is best for their children. This can be a challenging obligation even at the best of times when parents can agree on the best path forward, but it becomes even more complicated when parents are feuding or separating. Even wealthy parents have problems serving their children's best interests.

When is good fortune child support part of a divorce?

There are very few problems related to having a lot of money. It is rare that someone thinks he or she has too much capital on hand, but large bank accounts and other assets can prove a complication if a pair of former spouses is fighting over how to support their children.

Florida lawsuit claims high level of child support

Divorce has become much more common in the last few decades, and divorce courts are more accustomed to dealing with the consequences of the ends of marriages. No one feels the effect of parents divorcing more than the children of the couple, and many laws govern how parents are expected to care for them.

What does good fortune mean to child support in Florida?

A rich parent doesn't always make for a happy childhood. Sometimes, a mother's or father's wealth or earning potential can cause complications in a divorce. Since the split of parents is already a traumatizing experience, any dispute over child support or custody can be especially painful.