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Helping Our Clients Overcome The Emotions Of Divorce

A divorce means that important time has been lost from a person’s life. You may have invested years in a relationship that has not worked out successfully. You may resent the loss of time that you have expended in this relationship. The resentment that you may feel at all of these losses will appear in the form of anger toward your ex-spouse.

With more than 75 years of combined family law experience, the lawyers at Rubinstein & Holz understand how to help our clients cope with their emotions. We focus on fostering a warm, compassionate atmosphere to help you, your ex-spouse and your children navigate this difficult transition as easily as possible. If necessary, we will also help you find a competent mental health professional to assist you through this transition period.

Why Divorce Often Causes Anger And Sadness

Through the court system, specific arrangements are made for financial matters. The courts also make arrangements when minor children are involved. Underlying the focal impact of these judicial decisions are the many feelings that you have.

Often the most painful part of a dissolution proceeding and the most anger provoking emotion that an individual can have is that of rejection. Rejection leads to anger at the person who is doing the rejecting. People may turn their anger inward where they experience it as sadness and, in some instances, depression.

This sadness and depression can also be caused by the loss of the hopes that you have invested in the marriage and the dreams you had for your future. Individuals invest a lot in their marital partner. They may overlook the imperfections in the person they love while exaggerating their positive features. All of these reasons make divorce exceptionally difficult to process emotionally.

A Divorce Isn’t The End Of Your Story

In addition, there is a basis for new hope in a new, different and better life in the future. Statistics show that 54 percent of all marriages last a lifetime among the 96 percent of the population who get married.

Among the 46 percent who dissolve their marriages, about 90 percent remarry. Most of these marriages take place within three years after the initial dissolution. About half of them are permanent. Hence, about 75 percent of all marriages in the United States are permanent within about four years from the date of either the first marriage or the date of the first dissolution. In addition, third and fourth marriages are often successful.

We Are Here To Stand By Your Side

We understand how difficult it is to go through a divorce. Our attorneys commit to handling every aspect of your case so that you can focus on maintaining positive emotions during divorce proceedings.

For more information or to speak with one of our attorneys, call our Fort Myers office at 239-790-4314. You may also contact us via email.