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Compassionate Guidance During Divorce And Separation Proceedings

Divorce or legal separation can have a significant impact on you, your spouse and your children. At Rubinstein & Holz, we have dedicated our practice to helping clients with divorce and other related issues.

We will meet with you to fully understand your concerns and questions, and work with you to find realistic family law solutions. If you decide to divorce, we will fully explain your rights under Florida law, send a notification letter to your spouse’s attorney, and assist you with filing for dissolution of marriage or filing other appropriate documents.

How Are Divorce And Separation Different?

Divorce and separation are terms some individuals use interchangeably. Legally, they have different meanings and different outcomes that couples should understand when their relationship is ending.

A separation agreement is a voluntary agreement where couples come to terms on custody, support and property division. The marriage is still legally valid unless the couple proceeds with divorce. Separation allows couples to maintain some benefits of marriage, such as filing joint taxes or sharing family health insurance, while being physically separated. Our attorneys will take the time to help you determine which option is best for you while advocating for an outcome that protects your interests.

Experienced Litigators Protecting Your Rights

If you are entering into a divorce requiring litigation, we are fully prepared to assist you. With more than 75 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the skill required to handle even the most complex family law matter.

Whenever possible, we work to resolve divorce disputes through mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques. If we cannot reach a fair settlement, our accomplished trial lawyers are ready and able to fight for you in the courtroom.

For more information about your divorce or separation, call our Fort Myers office at 239-790-4314. You may also contact our firm by using our online contact form.