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A Divorce Decree Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

While most aspects of a divorce decree are final, certain modifications can be made to child support, custody and alimony arrangements. Modifications can occur in some situations.

At Rubinstein & Holz, our attorneys help clients seek or oppose modifications that affect their children and their finances. We represent mothers and fathers in matters that arise because of job loss, illness or disability, remarriage and relocation.

Our attorneys have more than 75 years of combined family law experience, giving us a high level of knowledge when working on the following issues:

  • Increased or decreased child support
  • Increased or decreased spousal maintenance
  • One parent relocating after remarriage or job change
  • One parent unable to fulfill parenting plans or visitation schedules because of illness or disability
  • One parent incarcerated or providing inappropriate surroundings for the children

When Can Someone Modify A Divorce Decree?

There must be a significant change in circumstances for the court to grant a modification. Under Florida law, circumstances that qualify as a significant change may include:

  • A geographic relocation that may affect parenting plans and visitation arrangements
  • Income changes due to a job loss, salary increase, or a new marriage or relationship that may affect child support and alimony

We know that every client’s situation is personal, so we will provide you with focused, intelligent representation throughout your case. Our goal is to help you obtain a modification that is in the best interests of your children and family.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

If you feel your situation warrants a post-divorce judgment modification, one of our lawyers will meet with you to evaluate your circumstances. Contact our Fort Myers office to learn more at 239-790-4314 or by sending us an email.