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Will Florida Courts Deviate From Child Support Guidelines?

During divorce proceedings, the courts will typically factor in both parents’ incomes to determine child support. If you want to deviate more than five percent than what the guidelines stipulate, you must show that the current amount is unjust or inappropriate due to exceptional circumstances.

Situations that may qualify for exceptions to the rule include:

  • Older children
  • Custody for more than 20 percent of the time (for paying parent)
  • Extra expenses to cover special medical costs, private school tuition, extracurricular activities or other special needs

At Rubinstein & Holz, we assist clients with a variety of divorce and family law matters, including those involving child support. If you are entering into a divorce, we can help determine child support calculations and advise you on any potential exemptions to the statutes. We also are fully prepared to assist you with post-judgment modifications, enforcement actions or related appeals.

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Don’t Delay Seeking A Modification

You cannot alter child support payments retroactively. If you need to make a change, it is in your best interest to file for a modification as soon as possible. Noncustodial parents must also keep up on their monthly payment. When they fail to make regular payments, they may receive a charge of contempt for nonpayment of child support.

With more than 75 years of combined experience, our attorneys can help with all issues pertaining to child support. Whether you are the paying spouse seeking a modification or the recipient spouse looking to enforce child support payments, contact us for an initial consultation.

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