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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Does a business owner need a prenuptial agreement?

Regardless of how much you love and trust the person you wish to marry, if you own a business, you should strongly consider creating a prenuptial agreement. In the lead up to a wedding, the excitement of marriage can cloud the judgment of one spouse or the other, leading him or her to think a prenuptial agreement to protect a business is not truly necessary, because the marriage will go the distance.

Approaching the prenuptial agreement conversation

Many times, when a couple decides to get married, one party or another wants to work out a prenuptial agreement but just doesn't know how to approach the issue in conversation. This is a normal concern, and many people have legitimate, if misguided, objections to prenuptial agreements. For partners and fiancees who want a prenuptial agreement while their counterpart has reservations, it is important to understand how to frame a discussion of the issues at hand.

How does a prenuptial agreement affect personal debt?

Being in any relationship is hard work, even in the best of circumstances. However, most of us face many hard lessons or unanticipated roadblocks on the way to a healthy relationship. If you and your future spouse are willing to approach marriage pragmatically, you can save yourselves a great deal of frustration and heartache, which serves to strengthen your marriage for the long haul. This is especially true if one or both spouses carry significant personal debt.

Protecting intellectual property with a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are excellent tools if you wish to protect tangible property or well-defined assets as separate property in your marriage. However, they are also very useful ways to protect intellectual property within marriage, which might prove useful to a number of individuals.

Will your prenuptial agreement hold up in court?

Prenuptial agreements are an excellent tool couples can use to strengthen their relationship and protect each other from pressures brought on by complicated assets. When used correctly, prenuptial agreements offer marriages many protections that allow the marriage to flourish through circumstances that may sink other less prepared marriages. However, sometimes one spouse attempts to use a prenuptial agreement to give him or herself an unfair advantage, or to wield control over the other spouse. This is usually a shortcut to a prenuptial agreement that does not hold up under the scrutiny of the court.

Use prenuptial agreements to create opportunity

Prenuptial agreements can be very useful for helping a couple achieve goals together inside of a marriage -- rather than weakening the strength of the relationship. When constructed with love and care, a strong prenuptial agreement can provide a framework for each spouse to better themselves through the marriage.

Should my prenuptial agreement address digital assets?

Prenuptial agreements are an excellent tool for clearly defining whose property is whose in a marriage. These agreements are also very useful for laying out a clear framework of expectations around how that property is to be treated both inside a marriage and in the event of divorce. In the modern age, it is important to be mindful of your digital assets when you set about creating a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements and financial behavior

Prenuptial agreements are regularly misunderstood, and often the individuals who create them believe that they are magical documents that somehow allow them to stipulate whatever they want to their spouse. However, these agreements are merely legal documents, not magic tomes, and they must respect a number of limitations to what they can dictate. One of the most commonly misunderstood areas in prenuptial agreements are those things that an agreement can dictate about behavior within a marriage as it relates to finances.

A poorly made prenuptial agreement protects no one

A prenuptial agreement is only an invitation for greater conflict both inside and outside of your marriage if it is carefully, professionally crafted. Far too many couples have created faulty prenups and seen them crumble when they were needed. If you and your future spouse are considering creating a prenuptial agreement, be sure to take all the proper precautions to ensure that it is valid and dependable.

Be sure to include your pet in a prenuptial agreement

When putting together a prenuptial agreement, it is important to be very thorough to ensure that no piece of property is left unaddressed — especially property like a pet, which few people remember to think of as "property " in the first place. Creating a fair, well-crafted prenuptial agreement that provides for your pets is a helpful way to prepare for how your marriage will consider your pets and ensure that, even in a worst case scenario, your animal family members are properly provided for.