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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

Prenuptial agreements adapt to new technological times

Prenuptial agreements are widely considered a good idea, much in the same way that wills can avoid disagreements between surviving family members. There is something valuable in having the specifications of a relationship clearly spelled out for all parties to understand.

Can you change a prenup?

You want to get a prenuptial agreement, and your significant other has agreed to it. Your only concern, though, is simply setting things in stone when your lives may significantly change in the years to come. Can you alter the prenup at a later date, or are you stuck with whatever you decide today?

3 reasons to consider a postnup

Functionally, a postnuptial agreement is not all that different than a prenuptial agreement. It still deals with division of assets if the couple gets divorced, and both people have to sign it. The main difference, as the name implies, is that the prenup happens before the marriage and the postnup happens after the ceremony.

Are postnuptial agreements enforceable?

Over the last several decades, courts have begun to expand support for postnuptial agreements, strengthening the legal protections a couple may enjoy if their circumstances change significantly after they are already married. Prenuptial agreements still offer several more protections that postnuptial agreements, but these contracts do offer significantly more protection than they used to, and are often an excellent way to create structure within a marriage or streamline a divorce.