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Minimizing taxes without the alimony deduction

The alimony deduction has been an essential part of divorce strategy for more than 50 years. The ex-spouse who paid alimony was able to deduct his or her payments and the receiving ex-spouse paid taxes on the amount they received.While divorces in Florida and...

What is going to happen to my property in divorce?

Divorce is an intimidating process, and you may wonder how the choice to end your marriage will affect your future. Like many others preparing to divorce, you may have concerns about what will happen to your property. For many Florida couples, property division and...

The factors that go into child custody decisions

One of the most complicated aspects of divorce is what will happen to the children. As a parent, you likely have concerns about how the end of your marriage will impact your children and how you can protect their well-being. You understand the importance of securing a...

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