What to consider when going through high-asset divorce

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Divorce is difficult for everyone, but couples who share significant assets in their marriage have many additional layers of complication to consider. It can be overwhelming to enter a high-asset divorce without a plan for how to address the most important matters.

The division of marital assets in Florida follows a principle of equitable distribution. It is essential to consider how this process will affect the things that matter most to you when going through a high-asset divorce.

Getting a business valuation

If either you or your spouse are business owners, then getting an unbiased business valuation is crucial before negotiating the fate of the company. Once you know the true value of the business, you can discuss whether one spouse should maintain control of the company or if you should liquidate it and divide the resulting finances.

Compromise and mediation

It is in your best interest to know when you should or should not compromise during the divorce process. Decisions that specifically detriment you are often unacceptable, whereas mutually-impactful matters such as child custody warrant amicable mediation.

Protecting your key assets

You might place particular personal value on your home, your retirement accounts or any other asset you share with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. The best way to protect these key assets and maintain control of them after divorce is through a marital agreement that you can negotiate outside of court, preferably in the presence of a mediator and legal experts.

It goes without saying that there is a lot on the line in a high-asset divorce. Keeping your same quality of life afterward requires that you consider every aspect of your divorce carefully before making decisions that can affect you for years to come.