Data shows an increase in the proportion of custodial fathers

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If you have kids and want to get divorced, it is important to understand various factors that can play a role in custody decisions. Courts go over a number of issues when determining which outcome serves a child’s best interests, such as the child’s preferences and the mental and physical health of each parent.

Sometimes, parents assume that mothers always have the upper hand in a custody dispute, and that it is virtually impossible for a father to win a custody battle. However, data shows that more men have become custodial parents in comparison to the past.

Statistics on custodial fathers

The U.S. Census Bureau published a report on custodial parents. In the U.S., roughly 21.9 million kids had parents who did not live in the same house in 2018 (more than one out of every four kids under 21). In 2018, fathers represented 20.1% of custodial parents. This reflects an increase when compared to 1994, when fathers constituted 16% of custodial parents.

If you worry about losing a custody battle as a father, this data should serve as a source of encouragement.

Custodial fathers and custody disputes

Whether you currently find yourself in the middle of a dispute over child custody or you have concerns about a challenging custody battle arising in the future, it is pivotal to prepare carefully. Try to remain optimistic and focused on your case. Make sure you understand all of your options and strategies to secure a more favorable end result that protects the best interests of your child, as well as your relationship with them.