What happens to the engagement ring during a divorce?

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Even though your marriage has not worked out quite as you expected, you have some lovely memories of the relationship you have shared with your spouse. One of these is probably your engagement day. After all, it is hard to forget about your then-boyfriend getting onto his knee only to stand up at your fiance.

You also may love the look and feel of your engagement ring. Moreover, if your ring is unique or has a multiple-karat stone, it may be one of your more valuable possessions. Either way, you may wonder what happens to the ring after your divorce.

Equitable distribution

According to Section 61.075 of the Florida Statutes, divorcing spouses usually receive an equitable share of their marital estates. This means you should get whatever is fair, even if you do not receive exactly half of everything you and your spouse own. Your personal property, though, falls outside of this legal standard. That is, you can likely keep your personal property.

Your personal property

Your personal property typically includes anything you owned before you married your spouse. Because your fiance gifted the ring to you before your marriage, it is likely exclusively yours. Therefore, you probably do not have to worry about giving the ring back to your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Your decision

Being able to keep the ring does not mean you lose the option of giving it back, so what happens to your ring is likely your decision. Ultimately, if you prefer to return the ring to your spouse, you may be able to exchange it for something else you want.