Minimizing hostility during and after divorce

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Ending a marriage may bring out the worst in spouses. Emotions and tensions tend to run high before, during and after the divorce. The good news is that there are ways to minimize conflict, even in a difficult situation.

Learning some ways to bypass some sticking points and reach a conclusion through compromise may pave the road for a less hostile post-divorce life. Learn some ways to accomplish a sense of peace in the middle of the drama.

Is there a way to avoid contact?

Pushing each other’s buttons is a surefire way to start an argument. One way to avoid this is to try and keep direct contact to a minimum. It is easier to reduce direct contact with all the tech available these days. Establish a written form of communication, either through email or text. While this does not stop aggravating behavior, it gives each spouse time to think about a response before firing something off.

Does a third-party help?

If the attempt at keeping things in writing does not work, only communicate through a third party. Couples may ask the court to appoint someone, or their representatives may act on their behalf. Using a neutral third party to filter communications takes all emotional aspects out of the contact.

What type of parenting plan helps?

Co-parenting in the wake of divorce may not prove feasible for everyone. Thus, a parenting plan that advocates a parallel parenting structure may minimize tension. In this type of arrangement, parents still formulate a visitation schedule and standard rules, but they agree not to consult on certain decisions that co-parents would. In this situation, a third party facilitates scheduling changes.

Keeping conflict at a minimum may prove the key to a successful divorce and the new life that follows.