Will nesting work for you?

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As a parent, one of your biggest concerns during divorce is likely how to make things as easy and straightforward as possible for your child.

One of the best ways you can do this is by choosing a good method for sharing your home during the split. And to that end, bird nesting might suit you.

How does nesting work?

Divorce Mag looks into the option of nesting. This option gets its name from birds and the way they raise their young, allowing the chicks to stay in the nest until they can fly on their own.

In most classic divorce situations, the child will move between their parent’s houses in accordance with a visitation schedule. However, this can create huge disruptions in the child’s life, as they have to readjust to new locations, make new friends, and adapt to a new environment all while dealing with the upset that a divorce caused in their life.

In a nesting situation, the child can stay in the family home 24/7. Instead, it is you and your co-parent who will take turns living in the house with them. This provides them an unparalleled level of stability, as they do not have to adjust to any change beyond one parent being missing at any given time.

Will it work for you?

However, it relies on you having two main things. First, you must have access to a secondary place to stay, as you cannot live within the family home 24/7. Second, you and your co-parent need to share a level of trust. After all, you will each be living along with the child at any given time, and you must trust one another to respect your personal belongings and space accordingly.

If this works for you, then it might be a good option to consider.