What documents do you need for divorce?

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Those going through a divorce often have sizeable to-do lists. Knowing the paperwork necessary for divorce may help couples work through their lists faster and move on to life’s next chapter sooner.

National Family Solutions explains what documents divorcing couples need for their legal situation. Understanding all aspects of dissolving a marriage could help make it easier to develop an efficient divorce plan.

Financial paperwork

Because divorce involves dividing assets, couples need several financial documents, such as bank statements, tax returns, retirement accounts statements and proof of income. Any document that lists an asset could become part of the divorce process.

Dissolution of marriage form

One spouse must file a dissolution of marriage form with a Florida court. The document notes the couple’s request for a divorce, but spouses may need to list the reason for ending their marriage. The spouse who does not file the dissolution of marriage form becomes the spouse served with divorce papers.

Parenting plan

Parents with shared children often need to create a parenting plan that explains how they plan to take care of their children after ending their marriage. Such plans often include which parent has legal or physical custody, where children live and which school they attend.

Legal paperwork

Divorcing spouses could also need estate planning documents, such as a will, trust and power of attorney. It makes sense to sit down with an experienced legal representative to discuss specific legal documents necessary for a divorce, as they differ from couple to couple.

Couples may take some of the stress of divorce off their shoulders when they have a well-thought-out plan. The right documents help set them up for success in their post-divorce lives.