Is your spouse tracking you with technology?

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When you have trouble in your marriage or have separated from your spouse, he or she may attempt to control you with technology. These actions impact your privacy and may put you in danger.

Learn how the prevalence of spyware and other stalking strategies may affect your Florida divorce.

Illegal tech tracking

Florida law prevents your partner from putting a tracking device on your person or in your vehicle. However, a person can try to get around this regulation if you drive a car titled in his or her name, for example.

Recording someone secretly on the phone, at home or in his or her car is also illegal in Florida. The state prohibits audio or video recording a private conversation unless all parties provide consent. Your spouse cannot install spyware on your computer.

New “smart home” devices like the Nest camera and Amazon Echo may be recording your every movement. Remove or disable these items to protect your privacy and avoid inadvertently consenting to a recording.

Safety steps during divorce

If you have separated from your spouse, consider signing off social media. If you still use sites like Facebook, avoid checking into restaurants or revealing your whereabouts. Turn off family-sharing location services that provide the GPS details of your smartphone or device to everyone on your plan.

Change the passwords on all your devices and accounts. Pay particular attention to securing your email and financial data. Check your devices for keyword logging apps and other types of spyware, or ask a tech-savvy person to help you do so.

Keep careful records and seek professional assistance if you think your estranged spouse has been tracking you in Florida.