Is this behavioral change a red flag of asset hiding?

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When going through a divorce, asset division often serves as one of the biggest, most time-consuming and complex parts of the process. Of course, even if everything goes well, it will still take a lot of effort and time.

It will often take even longer if you suspect your spouse of attempting to hide assets. Before you start investing too much into your search, know what red flags to keep an eye peeled for.

Secretiveness about financial information

Forbes looks into ways you can find hidden assets in a divorce. While each individual will likely attempt to hide assets in different and somewhat unique ways, many of the initial behavioral changes remain the same from case to case. Thus, you should always pay attention to any sudden or even subtle changes in how your spouse interacts with financial matters.

Many of them will grow increasingly secretive and furtive. If they previously volunteered financial information with no prompting, this will likely stop. They may grow paranoid or cautious to the point that they will not even share receipts with you. You may even need to invoke the financial affidavit to get them to share their information in the future.

Aggressive defensive behaviors

They may act aggressive, agitated, offended or even angry if you bring up matters of assets. They may try to use manipulative tactics against you, such as criticizing you for your “lack of trust” or trying to gaslight you by acting as if you are the paranoid or “crazy” person.

But if you notice such red flags, you might be dealing with asset hiding after all. Consider contacting legal aid to see what your options are.