What is rehabilitative alimony?

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Florida law allows for a few different types of alimony awards. The type of support in your situation depends on a variety of factors, including need and the length of your marriage.

The Florida Statutes explains rehabilitative alimony is for situations where one spouse needs to gain skills or get an education to help him or her be self-supporting.

Requires a plan

If the court will award rehabilitative alimony, you must have a plan in place to show how you will become self-supporting. This can be either by going to school to earn a degree, completing training, gaining work experience or improving current skills. It may also include doing whatever you need to do to earn credentials.

The plan must be specific and outline what you must do to reach your goals. You need to have details about how and what you will do and the end goal you seek.

Ending alimony

Rehabilitative alimony will have a specific endpoint. It may not be a certain date but rather will be when you complete your plan. There is the potential for modification if needed, and if you do not complete your plan as you laid out initially, the court could decide to end the payments for noncompliance. As with any type of alimony, if there is a substantial change in circumstances, that also could lead to a modification or termination of the support award.

The idea behind rehabilitative alimony is to help you get on your feet after a divorce. The goal is for you to gain whatever skills, training, credentials or education you need while receiving the payments so you can eventually be financially secure without the support.