Starting a discussion about a prenuptial agreement

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A prenuptial agreement can add value to your marriage and give you peace of mind. Approaching a discussion about implementing such an agreement requires care.

Starting a conversation the right way may increase the chances that your partner understands your intentions. A prenuptial is not a threat, but rather, an opportunity for you and your partner to dictate and clarify expectations for the relationship.

Allow ample time

A prenuptial agreement is not something you want to spring on your partner at the last second. This approach may cause angst and increase the chances of misunderstandings from undermining the entire thing. If you anticipate a prenuptial being a part of your marriage, start the discussion of writing one well in advance of your wedding.

When you feel unrushed, you may not feel as frustrated or concerned if your partner cannot make a decision right away. Your partner may also show more willingness to comply with your wishes when you respect his or her right to make a well-informed and unrushed decision.

Show empathy

One of the best ways you can express your sincere care for your partner is through empathy. According to Fox Business, one common misconception of prenuptial agreements is the assumption that such an agreement means a lack of trust. Reassure your partner that you want nothing more than to ensure happiness and contentment for both parties regardless of what the future holds. Then, take the time to listen to your partner and empathize.

Your prenuptial agreement is an excellent way to increase trust and respect in your relationship. Working with a legal professional will enable you to make sure you have not missed any critical components of this important agreement.