3 ways social media may complicate your divorce

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Even if both you and your spouse want out of your marriage, divorce is rarely easy. After all, not only must you deal with the emotional consequences of ending a marriage, but you also must divide the marital estate and figure out child custody.

While social media usage may not be inherently bad, it may take a negative toll on your relationship. Even worse, it may complicate your already difficult divorce in three different ways.

1. Spousal support

Judges in Florida do not award spousal support to punish either party. Instead, spousal support attempts to level the post-divorce playing field when spouses have disparate financial resources. If you use social media to show off lavish spending habits, your soon-to-be ex-spouse may argue you should pay more spousal support.

2. Child custody

When making custody-related determinations, judges in the Sunshine State must consider the best interests of the child. If you and your husband or wife cannot agree on custody, your spouse may use your social media posts to portray you as an unfit parent. Posts that show you drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, using illegal drugs, violating laws or behaving irresponsibly may be particularly damaging.

3. Divorce proceedings

Even if you cannot settle every divorce-related issue outside of the courtroom, you and your spouse may be able to reach a consensus on many matters. If you badmouth your husband or wife on social media, though, he or she may be less likely to work with you. Put simply, if your social media posts infuriate your spouse, he or she may use divorce proceedings to make your life miserable.

Even though social media usage can complicate your divorce, you may not have to stay off your favorite platforms completely. Still, thinking about the repercussions of your posts before you publish them may make your divorce go more smoothly.