Is this parental alienation?

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As a parent going through a divorce, you have stress factors on multiple levels happening all at once. You have to worry about yourself and your finances. You also need to worry about the safety and well-being of your child.

On top of that, your ex-spouse may give you trouble, too. Spite and anger can easily make a co-parent act in a detrimental or even dangerous way. These emotions often drive parental alienation, which can have a big impact on you and your child.

Active sabotage of your relationship

Psychiatric Times looks at parental alienation and how it impacts divorcing families. This happens when a co-parent actively sabotages the relationship between you and your child. Parents who do this have different reasons for doing so. Some do it out of spite. Some do not even realize they are doing it. Others believe everything they tell their child.

Regardless of their reason, parental alienation has many damaging effects. In fact, due to the tactics some alienating parents use, courts sometimes classify it as a form of abuse. Your child may display signs similar to abuse victims. You may notice their temperament change. They could grow agitated or easily irritable. They may seem listless and lose interest in things they previously enjoyed. They could grow sullen and withdrawn when previously vivacious.

How your child treats you

You will likely also notice a difference in their treatment of you. Many children targeted by alienating parents get fed lies about the alienated parent. Doing so drives a wedge between parent and child. The child often actively rejects spending time with the alienated parent. This harms everyone involved and can cause mental damage in the child that lasts into adulthood. If you notice these signs, consider consulting a legal expert to see what you can do.