Emotional responses to divorce

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Even if you try to look at your divorce as a business transaction, which it is, it is also an emotional process. Emotional responses are a natural and inevitable part of a divorce. 

Therefore, your objective should not be to avoid emotion, which is impossible, but to manage it more effectively. It may help if you understand the reactions that you are likely to have and why. 


It is likely that you may feel angry and resentful toward your spouse because of your divorce. There are several reasons for this. Regardless of how long your marriage has lasted, you have probably invested a lot of time in the relationship. Now that it is over, you may resent your spouse for having wasted all that time. 

If your spouse is the one who initiated the divorce, you may feel rejected. You may direct the hurt you feel over the rejection toward your spouse in the form of anger. 


Even if you are the one who initiated the divorce, you may feel sadness over it. According to Best Life, divorce involves significant loss. Not only do you lose the relationship that you once had with your spouse, but you can also lose relationships with your in-laws and sometimes with certain friends. 

The losses associated with divorce can be significant, to the point of becoming overwhelming. You may end up grieving the divorce and all that it entails the way you would the death of someone close to you. 


Not all emotions associated with divorce are negative. Some people report a feeling of relief and renewal after ending a relationship that was stagnant and unhealthy.