Collecting back child support from an ex living abroad

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Child Support |

If you are struggling because of unpaid child support, you likely face different challenges. Aside from anxiety or even depression, you could have a hard time paying bills, buying food for your children or providing them with the supplies and resources they need. If your ex lives in another country, you likely have additional concerns and hurdles to work through with respect to collecting unpaid child support.

Fortunately, there are child support enforcement options available to many parents who have an ex living overseas who refuses to pay what they owe.

Looking into ways you could secure the child support you deserve

In some instances, custodial parents can talk with their ex and work out an agreement to receive the funds they desperately need. Unfortunately, this often does not help and many non-custodial parents who owe unpaid child support refuse to make payments (especially if they reside outside of the U.S.). However, depending on the country they live in, you could have the ability to pursue child support enforcement. According to the Department of State, many foreign countries work with the U.S. to enforce child support laws and delinquent parents can face a number of consequences, such as passport denial.

Looking into the benefits of receiving back child support

Some parents feel hopeless and give up, but if you are determined to obtain the child support you are owed, this could benefit you and your children in various ways. Aside from regaining control of your finances and staying current on your financial obligations, receiving back child support often provides peace of mind, reduces bitterness and helps parents deal with negative emotions.