What is rehabilitative alimony?

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Divorce can be a particularly frightening prospect if you have been out of the workforce for many years. Though willing to work to support yourself and your children, you may lack the necessary skills and credentials to earn enough to meet your obligations.

There are many people in Florida who find themselves in the same situation following divorce. The state Senate recognizes the difficulty this can cause and allows for rehabilitative alimony. This allows the court to order your ex-spouse to support you financially on a short-term basis until you obtain the necessary training or skills required to become self-supporting.

Rehabilitative plan

The court cannot issue an order for rehabilitative alimony unless it includes a plan by which you can establish your capacity for self-support. The rehabilitative plan must be clearly defined and set specific benchmarks that you must meet.

Termination or modification

It is possible for the court to terminate or modify the order for rehabilitative alimony under certain circumstances. The completion of the rehabilitative plan as set forth in the original order is grounds for termination. The court can also terminate the order if you fail to comply with the plan.

A significant change in either your own financial circumstances or those of your ex-spouse may necessitate either termination or modification of the order for rehabilitative alimony.

Acquisition versus redevelopment

Your rehabilitative plan may involve developing employment skills through entirely new work experience, training or education. For example, if you have never attended college, rehabilitative alimony may support you while you get your degree.

On the other hand, you may have already acquired skills or credentials that were valid at the time but are now out of date. For example, maybe you graduated from college and got your teaching certificate but you no longer meet the licensing requirements in your state. Rehabilitative alimony can also support you in redevelopment efforts to acquire the current required credentials