Mother arrested for violating custody agreement

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Divorce proceedings in Florida can often become emotional. This may come as little surprise given the amount of emotion people invest in their marriages. What does surprise many, however, is how quickly such emotion can turn from positive to negative.

Such negative emotion can often bubble to the surface when dealing with matters of child custody (as one’s love for their children might match any bitterness they may feel towards their ex-spouse). The trouble is that if and when one allows such emotion to prompt them into rash action, they may damage their standing in their custody case.

Failure to abide by custody agreement results in woman’s arrest

It goes without saying that an arrest can hurt one’s chances of obtaining (or retaining) a favorable custody arrangement. An arrest due to a custody dispute can be even more damaging. Yet according to the Laredo Morning Times, that is exactly what a Texas woman must deal with after her arrest for failing to follow the terms of her agreement. Her ex-husband contacted court officials after she came to his home and took his daughter without her knowledge. After confirming his story, authorities issued a warrant for his arrest, and subsequently detained her a short time after.

Successfully navigating a custody case

The hope is that neither party in a custody case will do anything to damage their individual chances at securing acceptable terms (and that both sides might put aside their differences to come up with an amicable agreement). Yet avoiding such action (and meeting such a goal) may be easier said than done. However, having reliable legal assistance to rely on might help in ensuring that this is possible.