Is shared custody the right option?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Child Custody |

Florida parents like you have a lot to look into during divorce. You need to prioritize your child’s well-being over anything else. This means handling matters of child support payments and visitation schedules.

Of course, at the top of the list is determining custody. What type of custody benefits children the most? The answer may differ from family to family, but research does lean a certain way.

Shared custody and your child’s mental health

Divorce Magazine discusses the many benefits associated with shared custody. For years, studies done across the globe have compared children of single custody versus shared custody. The results tend to imply that children of shared custody have an easier time after the divorce.

For example, children of shared custody tend to have fewer mental health problems. This includes issues with depression, anxiety and even post traumatic stress disorder. Children of shared custody also have fewer problems connecting to peers. Not only that, but they exhibit fewer attitude problems toward authority figures. Children of sole custody houses tend to struggle with these aspects.

Shared custody provides stability

Children of shared custody also claim to feel more stability at home. This remains true even in situations where one parent lives outside of the house. This may happen because of the involvement of both parents in their life. Children feel more secure because of this. Even if the living situation changes, they still rely on both parents. Both parents still provide them with what they need.

Shared custody does not work for everyone. You must take your unique family situation into consideration first. But if shared custody may suit you, it is something to look into.