How do you prepare your child for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | Child Custody |

Florida parents like you have a lot to work on when you get a divorce. You have to deal with alimony and asset division like any other couple. But you have more to deal with than childless couples. 

It is hard enough to handle matters of child support or custody. But on top of that, you also need to find a good way to tell them about the divorce. How can you do that? 

Have a plan and stay unified 

Psychology Today focuses on how you can break the news to your kids. Each family’s situation is unique. What works for one may not work for yours. But there are some basic tips that work well in most situations. 

First, go into the conversation with a plan. Know what you want to say. Know what things you want to keep off-limits. Prepare yourself to answer questions. Your children will have a lot of them. You must know which ones you want to answer and which you will not. Your children need some information, but not all. 

Reassure your child and be upfront 

Get on the same page with your co-parent. No matter how the divorce is going, you want to present a unified front to your child. This offers them comfort. It makes them feel like their situation is more stable. Do not talk to your child separately. Talk to them together. Also, make sure they understand that this decision has nothing to do with them. They may internalize guilt otherwise. 

Be upfront with life changes that lay ahead. Some things may stay the same after divorce. Other things will change. It is less shocking to a child if they expect changes. This can make the divorce easier to cope with on a whole.