How do you beat the psychic divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Self-Care |

In the realm of divorce, there are at least six types of separation we recognize. One of which, the psychic divorce, is likely the strangest to describe — and can be the strangest to conquer as well. 

When two people get married, they join up their assets alongside that state-granted piece of paper. They begin to mix emotions and communities until they are one whole relationship between two people. Divorce is hard, but sometimes the hardest part is feeling like a whole person again — rather than half of a broken relationship. 

Psychology Today discusses not only how to live after divorce, but how to thrive. 

Give yourself that time to grieve
Your loss is real. It can almost feel like the death of a loved one. Making sure you take even ten minutes per day to be yourself with your emotions can pay dividends later on. 

Determine what makes you happy
After a divorce finalizes, it can be hard to remember what you did before your marriage. You may still have goals and dreams from before. You may have new objectives now. Both are valuable and pursuing them may keep you from those negative thoughts. 

Make a habit of letting the past go
It is easy to wonder if you did the right thing, and fixating on what-ifs and hypotheticals may increase your stress. Taking steps to release those feelings and attachments can both uncover the old you and remove the barriers in front of your future. 

Your separation is not just on a state level, it can sink down to your very self. But the pain of divorcing from a broken relationship may be the first step in becoming an individual again.