How to move on after a divorce

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Most marriages do not have a happy ending. According to MYDOMAINE, after the dissolution of a marriage, the divorced couple may have closure and move on. Tina Gilbertson, a licensed psychotherapist, states that the self-esteem of a person going through a divorce gets hit the hardest. Regardless of what made them divorce, they may still find ways to heal their hearts. They should remember that they are not alone.

Based on the statistics which shows that half of most married people face a divorce, Gilbertson states that there is a substantial minority of marriages in the United States which get broken. They ought to take the divorce as the next chapter of their lives. They should take the divorce as a passageway to the next part of their lives.

Gilbertson states that it takes courage for a person to let go of what they were familiar with even though it caused them pain or failed to work. She also adds that it is alright if they practice wallowing constructively. When they want to work through the positive parts of their broken marriage, they must acknowledge these parts so as to make room for a new beginning.

According to WebMD, they must work through their feelings. They should avoid toting the heavy baggage from their old relationship into their new life. Robert Alberti, PhD, a psychologist, advises that they ought to find a way of working through their lingering emotions from the divorce. They may do this by conversing out all their feelings with the help of a therapist. Similarly, they should focus their energy on any healthy activity that they enjoy. When they are afraid of a therapist, they should keep in mind that visiting a therapist does not mean that they have a problem or are in any crisis.