Using a prenup as a financial plan with your partner

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements |

When Florida couples get closer to their wedding day, the stress of planning can weigh heavily on them. Some couples experience their first real fights as they debate over who to invite to the wedding, how to stay within their budget, what day to have their wedding on and where to host it.

One new item on the to-do list in modern marriages is a prenuptial agreement. According to Psychology Today, this is one topic couples should neither shy away from nor put off until later. The sooner they tackle this, the easier it becomes as they have more time to assess their assets and debts and come to an agreement.

Before reaching that agreement, couples need to understand what is most important to the other person. For example, a business owner may wish to ensure their business is insulated from any property division later on. Couples may wish to ensure they agree on terms before creating a draft to look over together. They may either create that draft themselves or rely on professional assistance.

Believe it or not, some couples never discuss money until it is too late. When bills go unpaid or someone falls into debt, then money becomes an issue. A good time to understand each person’s true financial situation is before marrying. Prenuptial agreements provide this opportunity.

MarketWatch believes that because of this, couples may use prenuptial agreements as a way to create a financial plan together. Focusing on that togetherness may help to alleviate some of the stigma attached to prenups. It recommends that couples evaluate not just their current, but also their financial future. They can then think beyond dollars and cents to create the life they want together — and potentially, apart.