Are you guaranteed to receive spousal support payments?

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As someone who is considering divorce in Florida or currently going through the process, you may have some confusion over spousal support. Also called alimony or spousal maintenance, it seeks to protect you from any financial hardship that may result from your change of circumstances after the divorce.

However, it is important to understand that spousal support is different from child support. State government mandates child support payments and has enforcement policies in place to ensure that parents pay according to the court order. There is no such mandate and no such enforcement mechanism in place for spousal support.

Nevertheless, according to Forbes Magazine, there are methods by which you can receive payments for spousal support in the event that your ex is no longer able to pay directly.


Your ex-spouse can fund monthly spousal support payments and ensure they arrive on time by purchasing an annuity contract. However, it is unclear whether the court can compel him or her to do this as part of a divorce agreement.

Disability insurance

If your ex-spouse were no longer able to work due to disability, he or she could ask the court for a spousal support modification. However, the divorce agreement can require your ex to carry disability insurance, which will protect your payment in the event of a disabling accident.

Life insurance

If your divorce is not yet final, the impending divorce agreement can require your ex-spouse to obtain a life insurance policy prior to finalization. This protects you in the event that your ex dies unexpectedly. There are also alternatives available in the event that your spouse is uninsurable.

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