What is ‘good fortune’ child support?

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Florida takes a unique approach to the issue of child support when it involves a paying parent whose income is very high. That’s when the issue of “good fortune” child support comes into play.

Child support guidelines are designed to make the system as fair as possible to both payers and payees — and the children they share. However, it’s a mistake to think that guidelines can’t be adjusted when one parent has an income that well exceeds the norm. This is often the case for high-powered executives, sports stars who make millions per year and other celebrities.

As you can imagine, “good fortune” cases can be fought hard in court. The paying parent often feels like the child support is excessive and goes to unjustly enrich the life of the parent receiving the support — not merely the child’s needs. The receiving parent often feels like he or she is entitled to the extra support in order to keep the child in the lifestyle to which they’re accustomed.

One of the solutions that sometimes comes into play is the creation of a trust fund for the child’s needs. That can often reassure the court and the paying parent that the money being paid for support is being used to enrich the child’s life.

If you’re the parent with the higher income and suspect that good fortune support may come into play in your case, keep in mind that your child support may need to go for things like private schools, security, private lessons and tutoring to enhance natural talents, entertainment, vacations and nannies. While these things may incidentally advantage your ex-spouse, the court is going to be most concerned with how the money you pay will benefit your child.

If you’re concerned about a child support issue, find out more about how things are likely to work in your case by discussing the situation with an attorney.