What has changed for divorce recently?

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Divorce isn’t easy, even when most of the negative emotions associated with it have already been faced. Children may need to understand what is happening. Documents must be filed with the right authorities. Much of the attention that gets paid to divorce has to do with how assets and responsibilities are divided between two newly single people.

What makes divorces difficult?

That is a hard question to answer because there is not much easy about it. But people who are prepared for divorce with research and ideas find themselves frustrated by new laws, either from Tallahassee or Washington. Any change in the procedures or governing laws can change the agreements that spouses have made.

What has changed recently?

The new year has brought a change in alimony, the support payments designed to help spouses who have left or never were in the workforce get themselves on their feet. Alimony payments were tax deductible for the payer and considered taxable income to the recipient. Now, both of those are no longer the case.

What may be affected by this law and other new ones?

Some items in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements may now be void under new tax laws. Children are also less of a tax deduction based on dependence, so custodial parents may find their tax bills higher than they previously thought.

Who can help with divorce particulars?

People dealing with the division of assets or liabilities in a divorce may retain legal representation to stay ahead of changes in the laws and the environment for agreements. An attorney also einsures no one is alone through this arduous time.