Professional athlete contests Florida good fortune child support

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It is always difficult to separate from a spouse, even if adults have worked out their emotional disagreements and decided in a mature and sober way to leave. But no one has it worse after separation or divorce than the children. They must start new lives in a world made completely by their parents’ decisions.

One way to soften the blow for kids is the guarantee of child support. Court-mandated payments for the basics of children’s needs means that they will not lose the standard of living set by their parents. If parents are extraordinarily well off, a court may be within its power to order a higher rate than scheduled in the family law codes. This excess money is called good fortune child support.

Most child support payments are made to the custodial parent, although trusts and other long-term financial plans may be set out to directly benefit the child. Parents can occasionally contest good fortune child support. For example, a major league baseball player is in Florida court to reduce the child support payments and other court-mandated relief, claiming it benefits his child’s mother more than the child.

With an annual salary of $30 million, the athlete’s child support payments could be up to $137,000 per month under Florida law. The current court order is for $20,000 per month and other expenses related to the child’s welfare.

Parents looking to apply good fortune child support to their case for benefits may request the help of legal representation. An attorney can help review the details of a parent’s responsibility to their children during and after separation.