How do alimony payments get set in Florida?

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It’s difficult to put a price on a human life in the process of calculating financial damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. Likewise, it is hard to quantify the value of years spent in a marriage that is ending. This is why alimony is not designed as compensation but as support while newly single people get their lives together.

How long does alimony last?

It depends on the case under Florida law, and the situation with that law is often subject to change. Payments may last until the court has deemed a recipient as independent or has given them the chance to attain financial independence.

How do alimony payments get set?

The first and often best option is spouses agreeing on alimony payments, at least on an initial basis. This is possible when spouses can make an arrangement that suits both parties’ needs and requirements. Even when this is the case, it is still a good idea to make the agreement official in court, so recipients have legal recourse if the payer stops sending money.

What are the factors that should go into alimony arrangements?

If the court has to decide on alimony, the spouses’ standard of living and abilities to support themselves will matter. Spouses’ age and the length of the marriage may also matter to work out how long arrangements should last.

How do spouses guarantee alimony payments?

Although guarantees are few in the divorce business, an attorney may raise the chances of a successful claim for alimony. Legal representation is often a good idea in all aspects of divorce.