When is child support not enough?

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Children are usually confused and hurt when parents have to explain their divorce to them. Besides the emotional issues at hand, the practical aspects of having two homes and a new schedule are difficult to manage. When parents can temper these problems with high levels of child support, they may be required to do so under good fortune child support statutes.

What are the arguments for good fortune child support?

Children who are raised by wealthy parents often have high standards of living. Although this might be far more than simple survival, children do not deserve to suffer because of their parents’ decision to divorce. If parents have the ability to maintain their children’s standards of living, they may be required to do so under Florida law.

When are parents expected to provide good fortune child support?

The issue at hand is the available income. Changes to the general schedule for child support payments kick in automatically when a parent’s monthly income exceeds $10,000. This would be equivalent to $120,000 per year. Most parents in the higher income levels can expect to pay between 5 percent and 12.5 percent of their income above $10,000 per month.

What does this mean for parents with custodial rights and responsibilities?

Parents can sue former spouses or separating spouses for good fortune child support beyond the minimums in the state statutes. An attorney can help build a case for this higher level of support with financial records, previous proceedings in family court and other evidence that may come up before, during or after a divorce.