How difficult is it to change a child support order?

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After your divorce is final, you may think your most difficult times are behind you. In reality, things continue to change even years after a divorce, and some of these changes can impact things such as your ability to pay child support or help provide for your kids to the extent you did in the past. In some situations, it may be necessary for you to seek a change to an existing support order.

Modifying a child support order is not always easy. In fact, there is a process you will have to go through to accomplish this, including having evidence of your need to change the plan. Parents may seek modifications when they are no longer able to meet the terms of their existing child support order or if they need additional support to meet changing or new needs the kids have.

What do you need in order to make a change?

Life changes can necessitate a change in a support plan, but parents would be wise not to wait too long to seek a modification. It may be tempting to come to a verbal agreement with the other parent, but it is not smart to stop at that step. Verbal agreements without formal changes to the plan may be convenient, but they are not enforceable in the event of a dispute. The following tips may help you navigate this situation: 

  • You will owe back child support whenever you miss a payment or do not pay the full amount. This is why seeking a modification in a timely manner is important.
  • You should seek to learn whether your current circumstances make you eligible for a formal change in your support order.
  • You should speak with the other parent to explain your situation and work for an agreement. This can help you avoid litigation as you petition the court for a modification.

The process of modifying a support order is not a simple process, especially if the other parent disagrees with your request. It may be beneficial to seek help before you move forward with it.

Understand your legal options 

It is always prudent to learn about your legal options and your rights before you proceed with seeking significant changes to a divorce order or making decisions that could affect your children. Florida parents may want to discuss their concerns with a family law attorney who can explain child support laws and how the modification process works.