Alimony has become a political punching bag in Florida

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Alimony |

Divorce can be a nasty business, and that does not include the emotional problems that are often intertwined with the end of a marriage. The seemingly simple procedures of adding someone to a bank account or health insurance is a lot harder and more expensive to undo.

Alimony is an important tool for former spouses starting again on their own. If husbands or wives have let a career take a back seat to homemaking or child care, alimony can help support them as they rebuild their capacity to earn for themselves.

A battle over the future of alimony in Florida has been playing out in Tallahassee between two action groups. A political action committee made up largely of people who pay alimony, as well as their second spouses, have been trying to end permanent alimony awards. Another related effort is the establishment of guidelines for alimony similar to the calculations for child support.

Alimony is one of the most litigated aspects of divorce as well as the most commonly contentious aspect. This is most likely with couples that had access to large assets or high levels of income. Couples who had smaller bank accounts during marriage are often among the 95% of couples who settle without a court judgment.

Couples who are having difficulties with alimony arrangements may also avoid more expensive time in court that can wear people down. An attorney can help represent a spouse’s interests in court or negotiations with spouses. Legal representation ensures that no one has to go through the difficult process of starting over again without the right assistance.