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April 2019 Archives

High-asset divorces are becoming more common and more valuable

Divorce was not particularly common in most of the 20th century, and few millionaires had to manage the division of an estate at the end of a marriage. However, changes starting in the 1970s now mean that half of U.S. marriages end in divorce, and the rich are no exception.

Prenuptial agreements are important and often inexpensive

Prenuptial agreements may seem to engaged people in love like something people only ask for when they are not confident in the relationship. Even when people are not reacting emotionally to the question of a prenup, it may not seem like much of an issue if prospective spouses do not have too much money to their name.

When is child support not enough?

Children are usually confused and hurt when parents have to explain their divorce to them. Besides the emotional issues at hand, the practical aspects of having two homes and a new schedule are difficult to manage. When parents can temper these problems with high levels of child support, they may be required to do so under good fortune child support statutes.

How difficult is it to change a child support order?

After your divorce is final, you may think your most difficult times are behind you. In reality, things continue to change even years after a divorce, and some of these changes can impact things such as your ability to pay child support or help provide for your kids to the extent you did in the past. In some situations, it may be necessary for you to seek a change to an existing support order.