Good fortune child support is never guaranteed

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Money isn’t everything, but many things in life are easier for people with money. It doesn’t take much money to get married, but it can cost a lot to get divorced. Some people in unhappy marriages, particularly parents, are often concerned that a divorce or separation would ruin them financially. When it comes down to it, the process can either be easier or harder for people based on their expectations.

Very few people complain they have access to too much money during a divorce proceeding. But one thing that can throw off the calculations of child support is a spouse with a very high income or level of available assets. A judge may authorize a child support payment higher than generally calculated for the basic needs of a child. This is usually known as good fortune child support.

Good fortune child support may take the form of higher scheduled payments, with the overage beyond Florida’s expectations for basic support going to a savings account or trust in the name of the supported child. It may also take the less common form of a lump sum or simply higher payments to the custodial spouse.

In some cases, a court may decline to order good fortune child support because it would be too intrusive into a parent’s affairs. This may be more likely if high income is irregular or unconfirmed. Since good fortune is judged by case, these decisions may vary by jurisdiction or judge.

A parent looking for good fortune child support from another parent may seek it in family court with the help of legal representation. An attorney can help parents in child support negotiations.