How do prenuptial agreements smooth the path to marriage?

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Most people bring a significant amount of personal property and assets to a marriage, especially if they are marrying later in life. Many people who are engaged for the second or third time have learned a valuable lesson about what to expect from divorce. But all potential spouses could benefit from a prenuptial agreement.

How many marriages involve a prenuptial agreement?

It is difficult to say how many marriages include this option, but the trend does seem to indicate more spouses are availing themselves of the security of a prenuptial agreement. A recent survey of lawyers experienced in marital practice shows that two-thirds of them have seen more prenups negotiated over the last three years.

Has any event prompted more people thinking about prenups?

Some people may be reacting to a new law affecting alimony payments, which are generally paid to a spouse by another in order to support him or her while preparing for a new independent life. Payers no longer get a tax deduction for payments, and the recipient does not have to count payments as income.

What can a prenup do to ensure financial health after a divorce?

A prenup outlines how assets and liabilities may be divided in the case of a divorce. This also sorts out property rights and offers protections from the other spouse’s debts.

How can I create a prenuptial agreement?

An attorney can help debate the merits of and create a prenuptial agreement. Legal representation is often very useful while dealing with marital and divorce issues, whether they are solved in court or mediation.