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February 2019 Archives

Money and infidelity in Florida divorces

Divorce is often confusing beyond the emotional turmoil that the event may cause. Parents will need to work out the best ways to support their children, and homeowners need to address the realities of moving on materially. But one thing that comes up in nearly every divorce is the matter of money.

Why would parents pay more child support than normal?

Once parents get through the difficult and complicated process of deciding child custody during a separation or divorce, the process of deciding what a non-custodial parent should pay is far simpler in Florida. There are some exceptions to the Sunshine State's child support schedule, and a few reasons they would apply to a child's parents and family.

How do prenuptial agreements smooth the path to marriage?

Most people bring a significant amount of personal property and assets to a marriage, especially if they are marrying later in life. Many people who are engaged for the second or third time have learned a valuable lesson about what to expect from divorce. But all potential spouses could benefit from a prenuptial agreement.