What happens during the discovery process of divorce?

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Divorce is a financially complex process. No matter how much money a Florida couple has, it is never easy to extricate two lives. From marital debt to the division of assets accumulated over the course of a marriage, the financial aspect of any divorce can be daunting.

One of the most important parts of the divorce process is the discovery step. This is the part where both sides provide full disclosures of financial information, including anything related to bank accounts, retirement, loans and much more. This is so each party involved has a better chance of securing a fair property division settlement. It may be helpful for you to learn more about the discovery phase and what you can do if you suspect your spouse is not being completely forthcoming with all pertinent information. 

What information do you need? 

If you do not have the right information, it is likely that you may agree to a settlement offer that is not truly fair. Your future financial interests are at stake, and discovery plays a significant role in the terms of the final divorce order. If you are facing divorce, it may be helpful for you to learn more about what to expect from this step and what it means for you. Consider the following: 

  • This step happens shortly after the filing of the initial divorce papers.
  • Discovery requires spouses to provide information involving economic standing, property, debt, assets, income and more.
  • The discovery process can be informal, but it can also be more rigid in particularly acrimonious or complex divorces.
  • A spouse can ask for additional information if something appears to be missing or is not easily understood.
  • If the discovery process does not go smoothly or there are complications, interrogatories, depositions or other steps may be necessary.

It is in your interests to be honest during the discovery process as this will reduce complications and the need for additional legal complications. If you suspect that your spouse is hiding something, there are steps you can take to compel him or her to provide the right information.

Fight for your future interests

During a divorce, it is best for your future if you set temporary emotions aside and focus on what will be best for you long-term. Before you move forward, it can be helpful to seek assistance to get the answers you may have about the discovery process or property division in your divorce.