Do prenuptial agreements help or hurt new marriages?

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A parent wants to protect children from an earlier marriage. A business owner needs to clarify the future of the enterprise for partners or employees. A person has a big inheritance coming. There are many obvious reasons for a prenuptial agreement, but some of the lesser-known reasons apply to everyone.

Why is a prenuptial agreement important?

Prenuptial agreements are more than a plan for how to end a marriage. The process of writing and agreeing to one can help future spouses clarify expectations for personal responsibility and financial blending of people’s assets. The preparation involved also helps couples inventory assets they are bringing to a marriage.

Isn’t it an adversarial way to approach marriage?

Not at all; in fact, the point of the agreement is to minimize conflict that can come from a lack of information and security. The communication required to execute a prenuptial agreement is a great start to the foundation of an understanding and loving marriage.

How can this process be easier or more attractive to doubters?

There is no reason to try making a prenuptial agreement alone. In fact, the end result may be better with the input of professionals with experience in the matter. Mediation or collaborative processes are often used in relationships and marriages to sort out material decisions, and individual representation can add vital information to the process for future spouses.

Do I need a lawyer for a prenuptial agreement?

A lawyer may be the best representative for individual interests in any sort of marital agreement or dispute. Attorneys can work with mediators and legal authorities to execute agreements as well.