Alimony can be a lifeline for divorcing spouses

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Many Floridians are concerned for their financial future after a divorce. In the case of many dependent spouses, alimony can be a vital lifeline to spouses looking to get their lives together as independent people. Regardless of the effects of divorce, no one should go through it without support.

What is the purpose of alimony?

Alimony is not intended to resolve issues of dividing property or assets from a marriage. It is meant to keep separated or former spouses financially safe while they prepare to live on their own. If someone cannot meet basic financial needs for a period of time and that person had become used to relying on a spouse, that spouse may pay alimony.

How long are spouses entitled to alimony?

The idea of alimony is payments should last as long as it is reasonably necessary for a person to create an independent life for himself or herself. It should allow for time to retrain for the workforce, sharpen old skills from previous career periods or finish an education program.

Is alimony ever a permanent situation?

It is rare that alimony is a permanent arrangement. A reason for permanent alimony is that a person is at an age that makes it unlikely to reenter the workforce or provide for themselves. A disability that makes self-support unlikely or impossible may also be the reason for permanent alimony.

What if I feel I will need alimony during or after a divorce?

An attorney helping with divorce can help prepare a claim for alimony. Legal representation is often recommended for all aspects of divorce.