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Florida lawmaker failed to disclose assets

Divorce is always a complicated issue. Even when spouses can still communicate, the emotional toll of ending a marriage can set a lot of personal goals back and throw families into chaos. The effect can be worse when spouses do not get along or are trying to conceal assets from each other during the divorce process.

Do prenuptial agreements help or hurt new marriages?

A parent wants to protect children from an earlier marriage. A business owner needs to clarify the future of the enterprise for partners or employees. A person has a big inheritance coming. There are many obvious reasons for a prenuptial agreement, but some of the lesser-known reasons apply to everyone.

The factors that go into child custody decisions

One of the most complicated aspects of divorce is what will happen to the children. As a parent, you likely have concerns about how the end of your marriage will impact your children and how you can protect their well-being. You understand the importance of securing a child custody order that is fair and allows your children continuity of lifestyle as much as possible.

A parent's income may be enough to order more child support

How much is too much for our children? It is certain when a kid has too much sugar, but one can never have too much love and support. Most parents would say children deserve the best that they can provide, and the law often mandates this in the case that parents get divorced.