Who needs a prenuptial agreement and why?

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The idea of a prenuptial agreement can be contentious between fiances, but there are no drawbacks to a contract that safeguards individuals’ futures. No one gets married thinking about how to handle its end, but there are some people who are more likely to enjoy the security that a prenuptial agreement provides.

Who should seriously consider a prenuptial agreement?

It’s not a bad idea for anyone, but people with more interests to protect may want a prenuptial agreement. If one or both partners have a child, business, professional practice, many assets or a large amount of debt, an agreement can comfort those who would not know how to divide these responsibilities easily.

What are the main points that a person should know about prenuptial agreements?

Just like in marriage, full disclosure is important. Any contract would be invalid if it did not include all relevant and true information. Partners should also have separate lawyers to make sure everyone’s interests are properly advocated.

How should a prenuptial agreement read?

Agreements should be simple and to the point. Statements and guarantees that are easy to understand are easier to enforce. Fairness is also vital, especially to each partner. The point is not to beat the other person but to enter a marriage with both people knowing what to expect if it ends.

Can I write a prenuptial agreement myself?

It is possible in some jurisdictions, but it is never recommended. Legal representation during the important time before marriage is worth the security and predictability that an attorney may provide.