Which divorced parents pay more for child support?

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Parents always want what is best for their children. This can be a challenging obligation even at the best of times when parents can agree on the best path forward, but it becomes even more complicated when parents are feuding or separating. Even wealthy parents have problems serving their children’s best interests.

What are the factors that determine how parents support their children?

There are several implied responsibilities of parents to children, such as a safe place for a formative upbringing, but some parents are legally obligated only to support their children financially. The factors that go into a child support decision may include the needs of the child as well as the parents’ ability to provide support.

How is the parents’ financial ability calculated?

The important legal ruling on this subject in Florida is Miller v. Schou, a 1993 case that showed a parent’s increased ability to pay child support is in itself a factor. The child of a multimillionaire, according to the ruling, would be entitled to the standard of living that the parent can afford. This is called “good fortune” child support.

Are there basic minimums of child support payments?

Yes, they are often calculated by assessing the needs of the children as a flat rate and considering the income of parents by assessing a percentage of their take-home pay or other income.

Can I represent myself in child support negotiations or hearings?

It is recommended that parents get legal representation for divorce proceedings, child support arrangements or changes to either agreement. An attorney can often spot requirements and permissions that are not generally known by parents trying to build a new life.