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December 2018 Archives

How is alimony decided in a Florida divorce?

The face of alimony is about to change around the country, and it will affect thousands of Floridians. Alimony in 2019 will not be tax deductible for the person paying it, and it will not be taxable income for the person receiving it. This is a complete switch from the way things have been for decades.

Florida has options for different types of divorce

It is hard to know where to start when you are considering divorce. Even if a couple had the foresight to craft a prenuptial agreement, the emotional and practical concerns can seem too hard to bear. Fortunately, Florida and other states have made moves to simplify the divorce process, even for couples with a lot of assets to divide.

Who needs a prenuptial agreement and why?

The idea of a prenuptial agreement can be contentious between fiances, but there are no drawbacks to a contract that safeguards individuals' futures. No one gets married thinking about how to handle its end, but there are some people who are more likely to enjoy the security that a prenuptial agreement provides.

Which divorced parents pay more for child support?

Parents always want what is best for their children. This can be a challenging obligation even at the best of times when parents can agree on the best path forward, but it becomes even more complicated when parents are feuding or separating. Even wealthy parents have problems serving their children's best interests.