When is good fortune child support part of a divorce?

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There are very few problems related to having a lot of money. It is rare that someone thinks he or she has too much capital on hand, but large bank accounts and other assets can prove a complication if a pair of former spouses is fighting over how to support their children.

What makes child support different for rich people?

Florida includes a statute that can help guide family court decisions called “good fortune child support.” This stipulates that larger amounts of child support may be required of affluent parents who are not the sole or main custodian of the child or children. Percentages of income may be related to available funds more than the bare minimum for the support of a child’s life and upbringing.

Does good fortune child support change?

Just like most other child support arrangements, good fortune child support can change due to new circumstances. For example, the former spouse of a celebrity was ordered to pay $100,000 on top of a previously agreed $20,000-per-month stipend to the father of their two children. The legal argument was the increasing expenses on the children’s upbringing, while the celebrity’s net worth has increased since her divorce.

What are the best arguments for good fortune child support?

Any change in a child’s circumstances may trigger a change in child support. Arguments for their well-being are the most effective in family court.

Do I need a lawyer to seek or change child support?

Legal representation is always recommended for former spouses trying to ensure their children’s future. A lawyer can help calculate needs and negotiate for the best options.